Sunday, April 3, 2011

Prepping for Europe and beyond

As of today, I have exactly seven full days left in the town that I have called home my entire life--shoot, the house I have called home my entire life. For those of you that don't already know, I will be taking off on "the grand tour" of Europe as a neighbor called it, in about a week. As part of my deal with myself when I deferred entering med school for a year, I decided that I would travel both in the US and abroad. I did the US part last year, and now it is time for the abroad part. My plans are certainly not in place yet, but what I do have so far is...

1) A plane ticket to London (April 12)
2) A return plane ticket from London (June 1)
3) A Eurail pass (including a map of European railroads) good for 1 month (hopefully that means 31 days...)
4) A place to crash in Dublin
5) 1000 Places to See before You Die (World Edition)
That's about it.

Now the much longer list of things that I need to do in a week to prepare for a trip to Europe and a subsequent move to Virginia.

1) Pack?
2) Find a place for a really big couch and chair that I sort of want to keep, but my mom understandably wants out of the garage
3) Teach a postdoc how to run the computer program I'm running in lab
4) About 60 hours of labwork
5) Probably about 20 hours of tutoring
6) Say goodbye to many good friends (sort of awkwardly, because I don't really know if I will see them in June or not till some undetermined time in the future)
7) Plan a trip to Europe?
8) Paperwork for med school

That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure there should be much much more on that list.

In addition, to fill my readers in on what I've done since my last post. I have visited a bunch of civil war battlefields, I went to New York, I went to Hawaii for two weeks (nbd), and I bought a ticket to Bonnaroo.

Sorry, this is a pretty boring post with no pictures and really no substance, but I wanted to make sure I remembered my blogspot password and how to post blogs, as well as get your appetite whetted for what hopefully will be the ensuing epicness. "But that will be when our program continues. Stay with us."

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