Monday, September 13, 2010

Religion in Texas

Paul and I went to the Cypress Creek Cougars vs. Cypress Springs Panthers football game on Friday night (very original school and team names). The stadium seats 11,000people. The field is turf. The dance lines have 50 members each decked out in cowboy hats and sequins. There is a video board that shows every play in real time as well as instant replays. The running back for Cypress Creek will be playing at West Virginia next year. All that is to say, this isn’t your grandmother’s football, unless your grandmother is like mine and has lived in Valdosta for most of her life. Cypress Creek is apparently much better than Cypress Springs (it was their homecoming game), and they began to literally run away with the game in the third quarter, so we left at the start of the fourth quarter, impressed. In fact after watching the Dawgs and Falcons, the Cougars were probably the best team I watched all weekend.

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