Monday, September 13, 2010

Where the wind comes blowing down the plains

Sorry that the next three of these were so long in coming. Laziness compounded with a lack of Wifi has severely slowed down my blogging. That being said, my blogs from now on will take on more of the color commentary form rather than play by play, so the post will be shorter and sweeter hopefully. Thanks for reading and any feedback is loved, as I am starting to get lonely here in the middle of New Mexico.

In Oklahoma, I totally mooched off my sister for the apartment suite above her garage and the washing machine and dryer. I slept in late, and then I headed off for the US Cowboy museum. If you ever make it to Oklahoma City, this is pretty much a must see. It’s a combination of a Western art museum, history museum, and a collection of novelties. The art is centered around a Western art competition that the museum hosts every year. It’s apparently a very big deal. All of the winning pieces from past years remain in the museum and have their own special room, they are actually quite impressive. The cool part of the museum though is remarkable for the sheer volume of pieces it contains. There are over 8,000 strands of different types of barbed wire (yeah you read that right). They have a Stetson hat exhibit. A half dozen stirrups exhibits. Boot exhibits. Bit exhibits. Rein exhibits. It’s sort of overkill; I’m not going to lie. Aside from the exhibits, they have a model Western town, regalia from just about every Western film ever (including this sequin suit worn by Robert Redford that looks pretty hilarious), and the actual brands from every big ranch in the Old West--in two words, totally legit. I'm thinking about deferring med school for another few years to be a cowboy,but I'm not sure how my family would feel about that.

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